Lemontree Media Work Pvt. Ltd.
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North Main Road, Koregaon Park,
Pune - 411001.
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Lemontree Media Singapore Pte Ltd.
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UBI Techpark, Lobby B, #07-19
Singapore - 408564
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Lemontree Media Work Pvt. Ltd
1/52 Colson Street, Avalon,
Lower Hutt, Wellington,
New Zealand - Pin Code - 5011
Contact Number: 0064 4 8970233
E-mail: info@lemontreemedia.in

We were initially apprehensive about outsourcing
our creative work to India.
However, to our delight, Lemontree
wrote the script, produced the video,
edited and revised it to our full satisfaction...
at a cost far cheaper than in the U. S.
Mr. Samuel Evans - Chairman and Founder- ICRJ, Inc.- USA.

I had personal opportunity to work
with Lemontree team on a couple of occasions.
I struggled for months to find someone
who can be of 'True Value’ in creating
the videos I wanted to use for marketing
my new novel ‘Spy From Unaula’.
I was delighted with the creativity of
the team and the way they converted my
thoughts to reality.
The true value I saw in this team was
quick turnaround, very little need for
rework and coming with very original ideas
on the table and providing right from concept,
script, artwork and handing over the final video.
The most important, it is not the value of
the order, but the customer,
who is truly a king for them.
Mr.Alok Kumar - Managing Director - Sears, India.

"For a demanding
and exacting Film Production house
such as ours, it is vital that we stay on
schedule, under any circumstances, at any
location. I am glad that in Lemontree Media
we have found a professional and resourceful
partner who understands our needs
and supported us in accomplishing
our tight shooting schedule in India
Mr. Ernsting Detlef
Production Manager
TVN Media - Germany."